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Brilliance Takes Jewelry Production to the Next Level

The word ‘brilliance’ brings to mind images of great quality, sophistication, and even magnificence. As a premier online diamond retailer, we have done our best to live up to our name. Known for our top-of-the-line selection of diamond engagement rings and finely-crafted customized jewelry, we always take pride in the quality and sophistication of our products. We have taken this love for true quality to the next level by purchasing over $150,000 worth of casting and production equipment to meet the steadily growing demand for custom diamond jewelry.

Creating exquisite and elegant engagement rings not only requires human expertise, but also state-of-the-art equipment to produce elite quality jewelry. At the heart of our new production equipment is the Indutherm MC100V casting machine. The Indutherm MC100V, which casts in platinum, palladium, gold, silver and stainless steel, is a compact casting machine equipped with a latest generation induction generator that allows optimum performance. The vibration casting technique ensures better form filling, which creates casts with densities that are greater and more consistent, higher elasticity and greatly reduced porosity. This creates durable, expertly finished jewelry. Also, the MC100V is designed to reach temperatures of 2,000 Celsius very quickly, which means the machine can help save energy while operating at a greater capacity.

Efficiency and environment-friendly traits of the MC100V, helps us achieve consistent high quality products and deliver elegant pieces every single time. The MC100V not only speeds up the production process, but also allows us to keep our entire jewelry production in-house, ensuring that all items are made in the USA. As a result, production costs are cut which allows us to sell retail and customized jewelry at more affordable prices. To learn more about our wonderful retail diamond engagement ring selections as well as our customized jewelry service, visit Brilliance.com.