50 Unique Ideas For Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Engagement Photo Shoot

So they popped the question and now you’re engaged! It’s time to save that date, book a venue, and more — but first, you want to take engagement photos to commemorate your love (and also to have a recent professional photo of the two of you handy for your save the dates and your wedding website).

There are two key ingredients to the perfect engagement shoot — location and props! Location is essential so that you can have the perfect backdrop for your romantic photo shoot. Ideally, you should select somewhere that’s significant to you, whether it’s where you first met, a favorite vacation spot, or even just a restaurant or store you both enjoy frequenting. If you have a shared favorite hobby, consider choosing a location that reflects that — and that’s also where props can come in. You can do something as simple as an elegant, romantic shoot in a stunning location — or if you’re mutual fans of something, consider going all out and paying tribute to it in your images.

Whether your vibe is more playful or super glam, here’s 50 unique ideas for your engagement photo shoot.

1. Add a Little Harry Potter Magic

If you’re big fans of the boy wizard, consider a Harry Potter themed photo shoot. The options here are really endless — you could do something classy that evokes the magic of the series, such as stars or lightning bolts accents. Or, you could really go all out and dress in your house colors or the costumes of your favorite characters. With so much Harry Potter merchandise on the market, it’d be very easy to do something as simple as wearing your house scarfs in a Hogwarts-esque landscape.

2. Pregnancy Glow

Are you pregnant? Incorporate your future child in your engagement photos by placing your wedding date on your baby bump. Or combine an engagement and pregnancy photo shoot by taking images that emphasize your belly and how much you and your fiance can’t wait to meet your little one.

3. Surfer Chic

Did you meet catching a wave? Pull on your wetsuit, perfect those beachy waves, and take some surfing photos. You could hang ten and capture shots of you out in the water (depending on how skilled and adventurous your photographer is) or take a picturesque shot of the two of you holding your boards on the shoreline.

4. Kids Join the Fun

Maybe you already have kids and are just now tying the knot? Or have kids from a previous relationship? Show them how much they mean to you by including them in your engagement photos. If you’re including your wedding date, they could hold a chalkboard with the date while you kiss in the background.

5. Love is a Carnival

If you’re looking for a picturesque setting that captures how much fun your romance is, consider a carnival or theme park setting. A Ferris wheel at night provides a perfect twinkly backdrop or you can cozy up together on the carousel for a romantic old-world feel.

6. Beer!

Are you beer enthusiasts and love to support your local brewery? Maybe you even had a significant date there? See if you can get behind the bar and take some playful photos among the taps for a unique set of images.

7. Winter Wonderland

Do you live in a snowy area and have a winter engagement? Or maybe you both love to ski or snowboard? Take some romantic photos in the snow. You can get on your skis or snowboard for some stellar shots on the slopes or mountaintop. Or even just a snowy field could create a gorgeous setting — make snow angels or carve a giant heart in the snow to stand in the middle of.

8. Music Lovers

Did you meet in a record store? Take some photos there browsing the wares. Or maybe you’re musicians — take some shots with your instruments, possibly even on a stage you’ve loved sharing together.

9. Reach for the Stars

You’ll need a really skilled photographer to make this happen, but there’s nothing more romantic than the night sky. Take your photos against a blanket of stars in the open air or on a night when the moon looks particularly incredible. If you want something kitschy and cute, get a large paper moon backdrop to sit on and do your photos there.

10. Bookworms

If you’re both bibliophiles, take a book-centric shoot with stacks of your favorite reads or maybe the two of you sharing one book while you read together.

11. Love in the stacks

Did you meet in a library or a bookstore? Or maybe just are big book lovers? There’s nothing sexier than an evocative set of stacks or the backdrop of a beautiful library (you could try to use your college library or see if there’s a more famous one you love that will allow you to take photos).

12. A Hollywood romance

Is your love worthy of the silver screen? Take your engagement photos on a red carpet or in front of Hollywood landmarks like Graumann’s Chinese Theatre or the Hollywood sign. Or go for full old Hollywood glam and dress in garb befitting of a 1940s movie star– bonus points if you find an old car or classic Hollywood setting to take them in. If you love movies, but the glam isn’t for you, choose your favorite screen couple and recreate their looks in your photos.

13. Cycling

There’s nothing cuter than a bicycle built for two — climb aboard a bike for some cute photos together, whether one of you is riding the handlebars, there’s room for two, or you just use it as a stationary prop with some quirky charm.

14. Bubble Bath

These might be just for you, but if you want some sexy, intimate engagement photos that aren’t too risque, consider hopping in a bubble bath — the bubbles will cover any unmentionables, and it will make for a fun, flirty, unique shoot.

15. Disney lovers

Maybe your love of Disney brought you together. You could go all-in with engagement photos at Disneyland in front of the castle and other notable landmarks. Or make your own Disney engagement shoot and dress as Mickey and Minnie, your favorite prince and princess, or any other Disney-rific pairing. It could be as simple as wearing some matching mouse ears and doing a shoot full of bright, cheerful colors.

16. Giddy-Up

If you’re horse lovers, consider taking your photos atop a horse — you can share one to get close and snuggly or each ride your own horse while holding hands. You don’t even have to climb atop the horses, you could take some cute photos in the stables and petting the horses together.

17. Date at the diner

If you have a classic love story, pair it with some classic images, sharing a milkshake (and maybe even a burger and fries) at a charming local diner. Bonus points if you wear outfits with some retro flair.

18. Star Wars

If you love them and they know, you may want to do a Star Wars photo shoot. Dress as your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away for an engagement shoot that’s out of this world. Bonus points if you find a backdrop that resembles one of the planets in the series — consider a desert landscape for Tatooine or a forest for Endor. If you don’t want to go quite so far as wearing costumes, get some Star Wars inspired garb and a setting that evokes the films. Or maybe do something as simple as a couple of shots with two lightsabers.

19. The Colors of Your Love

Sometimes the simplest things make the best photos. Choose a bright and cheery color scheme for your photos, whether it’s in your clothes or you simply take them against a brightly colored wall or backdrop. You could even kick it up a notch and take some photos painting or with colorful dust — get messy at the end for something truly sweet and special.

20. Love’s a Beach

There are few settings as picturesque as the seaside. You could take photos on a rocky shoreline or go for something softer like holding hands while walking in the sand along the shore. If you really love the beach, get down and dirty with some sandcastles or carving your wedding date in the sand to pose around.

21. Poolside loving

If you want a unique and watery photo, hop in the pool and take some shots together on a raft or enjoying each other’s company splashing around. If the pool is particularly photo-worthy, take some shots poolside relaxing together in a lounge chair. Throw in some beach balls or other pool toys for a particularly playful element.

22. Love in the big city

If you live in a big city with major landmarks, consider using them as a backdrop. This could be as simple as taking some cute crosswalk photos to shots on the Brooklyn or Golden Gate Bridge. In LA, go to the Griffith Observatory for some killer skyline views. Pay tribute to the city where you met by using it for your romantic backdrop.

23. Backyard romance

If you really want to keep things simple, wear jeans, a t-shirt, and go barefoot for a relaxed backyard photo shoot. If you have a backyard swing or a tree you can climb, toss those shots in for color — but capturing the two of you in the space you share (or maybe grew up) can be incredibly cute.

24. Picnic

Pack a picnic and don’t forget the camera. Imagine the two of you spread out on a picnic blanket in a gorgeous field somewhere — or maybe even on top of a hillside with a stunning view behind you. Coordinate with your picnic blanket with matching flannel if you’re feeling super adventurous. You can use wine, food, and your picnic baskets for fun props.

25. Puppy Love

Is your dog the other love of your life? Get some adorable photos of the three of you cuddling and playing together to capture the pawprints they’ve left on both of your hearts.

26. Silhouette

If you’re a bit old-fashioned or want something more unique, consider taking images in silhouette. You could get professional silhouettes cut or simply take photos at dusk with the lighting setup so it casts you and your fiance in silhouette. This is a perfect opportunity to put your hands together to make a heart.

27. Rainy Day

Tell the world you’ll be there for each other on all their rainy days. Take your photos splashing in the puddles or sharing an umbrella. The clouds will also make for a potentially stunning and dramatic backdrop.

28. Sunday kind of love

Capture yourself at your most relaxed — at home, in your sweats or leisure wear, reading the paper and drinking coffee on a Sunday morning. If you’re a more relaxed couple, this could be perfect for you versus an over-the-top glam shoot that doesn’t reflect your personality.

29. Garden of love

A beautiful garden is an idyllic setting for engagement photos. Take shots under a trellis of flowers, amidst the rose garden, or near any other eye-catching greenery. Maybe there are rows of hedges for you to walk between. Coordinate your outfits to complement your floral backdrop.

30. Comic Con

Are you nerds and proud of it? Take Comic-Con worthy engagement photos — dress up in your favorite cosplay outfits together. Or simply take photos with your stacks of comics in colorful clothing that reflects the pop art nature of comic books. Whether you’re a lover of superheroes, anime, or Doctor Who, you can make your mutual interests a fun inspiration for your engagement photos.

31. Sports Lovers

Does your mutual love of your hometown team bring you closer? Or maybe a fierce rivalry keeps things interesting? Wear the colors or jerseys of your favorite team for a fun shoot — you could even make custom ones that have your new last names on them (or even just Mr. and Mrs.). If you’re diehard fans, consider doing the shoot in and around the stadium.

32. Fireside

Is there anything more romantic than a roaring fire? Take some cozy shots with blankets and hot cocoa at the fireside. You can scout for particularly beautiful mantelpieces at a local lodge or hotel to make the shoot even more unique.

33. Camping

If you love to camp, consider roughing it for your shoot. Take your photos near a campfire with the flames offering you dramatic lighting enhancement. Or find a picturesque spot at your favorite camping destination whether it’s a lush field, a dramatic mountainside, or something with a rustic flavor. For something playful, unzip your sleeping bag and take photos lying on it — you could even match your flannel shirts to the interior print.

34. Row your Boat

A boat can make for a unique backdrop, whether you’re sharing a kayak, romantically enjoying each other’s company in a rowboat, or holding each other on the bow of a sailboat. The combo of the boat and the watery scenery, whether it’s a lake, harbor, or sea, will give you plenty of dramatic vistas to play with.

35. Feature the Ring

If you’re more interested in featuring the ring, take photos that are a close-up on your intertwined hands. Hold a sign with your wedding date in a way that prominently displays the ring or a sign that reads “I said Yes.” Or do something playful like holding Mr. and Mrs. wine glasses or coffee mugs in a fashion that features your ring. You could even write “I said Yes” on your palm and turn your ring around to feature it, while you wrap your hands around their neck and your embrace is blurry in the background.

36. Word Play

Maybe you just want to take a photo that primarily features your wedding date and you are lovers of words. Arrange the info with Scrabble tiles (or better yet, take the photo with the two of you playing Scrabble).  Place your ring as the “o” in a sequence of letters that spell-out “forever” — there are so many fun ways to play with words and images.

37. Confetti

If your love makes you feel like you’re always at a party, take colorful engagement photos as a shower of confetti explodes and falls around you. You can make it a multi-step process, taking shots of you throwing the confetti and then kissing or smiling under it as it swirls around you.

38. I’ll Drink to That

Did you meet at your favorite local bar or share a love of good cocktails? Take your photos with a boozy backdrop or enjoying your favorite drinks together. Get really playful and use a cocktail shaker, cocktail cart, and more as props. Or go with a more elegant vibe, and take photos clinking glasses of bubbly in celebration with a fizzy, warm, champagne colored light enveloping you. (Or for the more silly, end taking photos of you shaking a bottle of champagne and popping the cork on camera).

39. Love on wheels

Do you guys own or love classic cars? Use the car, whether it’s a Thunderbird or a beloved VW bug, as a fun backdrop, sitting in and on top of it while you strike a pose. You can even coordinate your outfit colors to match the cars.

40. Mural

Is there a beautiful work of public art in your neighborhood? Feature it in your shots — what better way to celebrate the place where your love continues to grow and get a true work of art in your shot for free!

41. Picture (Frame) Perfect

Use an oversized or carefully placed picture frame to make a frame within the frame. Have the photographer shoot from a location that makes you two appear framed by the prop for something inventive and fun.

42. Fall(ing) in Love

If autumn is your favorite season, celebrate it in your engagement photos. Take photos amidst beautiful fall trees or get playful jumping into and throwing stacks of leaves. Or take it a step further and do your shoot in an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. The warm browns and oranges of fall foliage are a stunning backdrop.

43. The Wine Cellar

A winery is a gorgeous place for a photoshoot. Take some shots out in the vineyard with the rows of grape vines as a beautiful setting and then go into the wine cellar with the rows of barrels as an alternate spot. If the two of you are wine lovers, this could be the perfectly picturesque way to commemorate your love for each other (and of vino). Feel free to use wine bottles and glasses as playful props.

44. Country Roads

Do one or both of you have country roots? Take a photo on some country backroads (bonus points if you throw in a pick-up truck). Or if you both love to hunt or ride four-wheelers make sure the shots include you doing some of your favorite hobbies together. Complete the look with cowboy boots and a more relaxed country look.

45. Christmas

If you got engaged at Christmas or just love the holiday, feature it in your engagement photos. You could do something as simple as taking your photos in front of the Christmas tree or wrap yourselves in lit Christmas lights to get extra playful. Find ways to incorporate the decor and colors of your favorite season in your photos.

46. A love for the ages

If you’re both big history nerds, opt for photos that showcase that. You could dress up in historical garb if that’s your thing or just find a historically significant backdrop, whether that’s a historically significant house, a castle, a library, or something else entirely.

47. College Pride

Did you meet at college? Then there’s no better place to take your engagement photos than on your beloved campus. You could take them in front of the building you met or find any number of picture perfect spots around — the architecture and storied history of college campuses make for beautiful backdrops. If you’re true diehards for your university, wear your college colors (or even their jerseys) in your photos too.

48. Waterfall

If you want the most stunning backdrop possible, take your photos in front of a waterfall. You can’t get more dramatic and eye-catching than that. Stay a safe distance away if you want to go glam, or put on your bathing suits and play in the mist and spray if that’s more your style.

49. Lavender Field

The soft purple hues of a lavender field make for beautiful scenery if you’re looking for a tranquil, outdoorsy setting. Not to mention, it will mean your entire photo shoot experience smells delightful.

50. Ice Cream

Share a sweet treat together in your photos. Ice cream cones or banana splits are adorable props to share, and an ice cream parlor can make for a really cute setting.