The Best Proposal Videos – Part One

Best Proposal Videos

Looking for great proposal ideas? We’ve curated some of the best proposal videos on the internet in hopes of helping you out. Some are funny, some are romantic, and all are creative. Enjoy these videos, and best of luck putting together a fantastic proposal of your own.

Flash Mob Proposal Videos

Friends and family are part of life, and getting them in on the act can be fun and meaningful. In these flash mob proposals, groups come together to create exciting surprise proposals that are truly unforgettable. It might seem difficult to keep the secret from your intended, but the effect is a stunning one.

Flash Mob Proposal

Some flash mob proposals can happen at home, like the one above, or at special places as in the examples below.

Times Square Flash Mob Proposal

Holiday Proposal Videos

When friends and family gather together at the holidays, the scene can be just right for a very special proposal. Here are just a few of the best holiday proposal videos we could find, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day proposals.


Christmas Proposal

Take A Look at This Family Photo Surprise on Christmas Eve

Halloween Can Also Be Romantic