What Do Engagement Ring Shapes Say About Your Relationship?

Engagement Ring Shapes

The look of an engagement ring brings more than beauty and sparkle, it can also stand to say quite a bit about a couple. In fact, the cut, shape, and setting of this special ring can speak to many different qualities and attributes of any given couple: is the bride bound to be pampered? Is the groom on the conservative side? Find out the different meanings behind ring shapes and settings below!

Classic Round Cut

Round Diamond Preset Engagement Ring In White Gold

Round Diamond Preset Engagement Ring In White Gold (1/3 Ctw)

A round cut ring is extremely traditional, so it has a lot to say about a bride and groom when it’s displayed proudly on the ring finger of a bride-to-be. This classic cut symbolizes the fact that this couple is traditional, on the conservative side, endlessly faithful to one another, and very loyal.

Round cut diamonds also symbolize the fact that the bride has a timeless style, as this is a look that will never go out of style. Finally, a round cut gives an abundance of sparkle, so it’s a great choice for a future Mrs. that enjoys showing off her bling.

Emerald Cut

The differing yet still classic emerald cut says something completely different about a couple. An emerald cut is characterized by a rectangular shape with long and lean facets extending down the sides of this diamond. Given the large table – or flat part on the top of the stone – this shape shows off a diamond’s clarity.

If a bride to be sports this shaped ring, it’s likely that the couple is more lavish, not holding back when it comes to showering one another with affection, even in the form of material objects. Money may be no object for the couple that opts for an emerald diamond.

Princess Cut

Princess Bezel Diamond Bridge Engagement Ring In White Gold

Princess Bezel Diamond Bridge Engagement Ring In White Gold

The name of this cut itself suggests its not-so-hidden meaning behind the cut. A princess cut suggests that the stone’s wearer will be a pampered spouse. To make treatment fit for royalty a possibility, that means that the groom is a dedicated and thoughtful partner, aiming to keep his future wife happy at any cost.

Pear Cut

A pear shaped diamond signifies that a couple is unique, standing apart from the crowd. A diamond of this cut resembles a twinkling teardrop, typically set with elaborate accent stones when it is used in an engagement ring. Along with a couple’s eccentric nature, a pear-shaped diamond also stands to symbolize their independence, supportive nature, and high standards.

Marquise Cut

Marquise Bezel Diamond Bridge Engagement Ring In Rose Gold

Marquise Bezel Diamond Bridge Engagement Ring In Rose Gold

Showing off a tapered cut, resembling an oval with rounded sides, accentuated by points on each end, a marquise cut diamond shows off a couple’s flair for the dramatic. When a diamond possesses this cut, it is a fancy looking stone by nature, meaning that this couple likes to enjoy a night out and to get dressed up regularly. This is a glamorous stone fit for a couple that enjoys the glamorous life themselves.

Heart Cut

While a heart shaped diamond is not something that is seen too regularly, when they do come up, they say a lot about the couple that possesses them in the form of an engagement ring. This diamond shape represents a bride and groom that are true romantics. After all, a heart is the end-all, be-all symbol of love! This shaped diamond also shows they have a sentimental side, and it hints that they’re not afraid to indulge in public displays of affection.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

A Solitaire Setting

A solitaire setting presents more than just a timeless aesthetic for an engagement ring! It also says a great deal about a couple. Its simple and classic design represents a couple’s yearn for a simple life filled with basic values.

Three-Stone Setting

Three-stone settings are widely popular, and besides being a beautiful option, they harness a great sense of meaning. The three stones stand to signify a couple’s past, present, and future, proving to be a precious representation of a couple’s relationship timeline.

Engraved Band

An engraved band that holds a beautiful stone speaks to the personality of a couple’s relationship. This special touch suggests that a couple possesses a special level of closeness, likely sharing inside jokes, common interests, and a sentimental nature between the two of them.

Who knew that ring shapes and settings could be so revealing about a glowing bride and groom to be? Engagement rings are not only an exciting purchase and gift to receive, but they’re also a symbol of undying love that can speak volumes about the relationship between a couple who the ring serves to unify.

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