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Channel Diamond Wedding Ring in White Gold

Channel Diamond Wedding Ring in White Gold

Some brides or grooms want a traditional wedding band…just with a little more spark. A channel set diamond wedding ring takes a simple wedding band to another level of style and sophistication. While the ring maintains a traditional and conservative style, the beauty and luxurious appeal of diamonds create fire and elegance.

Every channel diamond wedding ring displays a line of seamless spark, and the term “channel set” is derived from the manner in which the diamonds are placed within the band. Channel settings are prongless; instead, the diamonds are held in place by the tension of the top and bottom of the metal setting…and this creates a metal channel.

step edge channel diamond mens wedding ring

Diamonds used in a channel diamond wedding ring must be uniform in size and shape. The allure of this setting is the seamless structure, so consistency in size, color and shape is pertinent. However, all diamond shapes may be used in a channel setting and each shape creates a different beauty and style. Round brilliant diamonds offer the most brilliance and are a traditional choice. Square or rectangular shaped stones like princess, Asscher, emerald or baguette nudge together for the ultimate in seamless sparkle. In fact, princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular choices for channel diamond wedding rings.

channel diamond wedding ring white gold

As diamonds will be placed side by side, color should remain consistent for each stone. A yellow-hued stone will look very obvious when set next to a colorless counterpart. Be sure that the diamonds in your channel diamond wedding ring all exhibit similar color grades for this reason. Clarity, however, isn’t such an important consideration. As diamonds used in most channel diamond rings will be smaller carat sizes, the clarity is not nearly as obvious.

When designing a channel diamond wedding ring with larger carat diamonds, however, clarity and color must be weighed carefully. Clarity is more noticeable in larger stones, so channel set rings with larger diamonds should have a higher clarity grade…don’t choose a lower grade than Slightly Included (or SI).

princess channel diamond band yellow gold

Although most channel diamond wedding rings feature round or square shaped diamonds, fancy cuts like marquise or pear also may be used. These shapes can create a unique channel design within a ring. While marquise diamonds can be placed in a channel setting, work with a jeweler on the design structure. Setting marquise stones tip to tip may result in damage.

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Colored diamonds or gemstones also may be integrated in channel diamond wedding rings, and you can alternate hued gemstones and diamonds to create a patterned design element within the band. Choose your birthstone or the gemstone that represents the month of your wedding. Patterns also may be created in channel set rings using gemstones and diamonds (like red, white and blue for a military wedding).

A channel diamond wedding ring offers numerous design options that give a traditional wedding band a stylish upgrade. Choose smaller diamonds or bigger carat weights for an amazing seamless sparkle…just be sure that all diamonds within the setting are the same shape and color. Of course, you also can integrate gemstones into the channel design by alternating diamonds and gemstones for a stylish pattern of color. No matter how you design your ring, channel set diamonds infuse your setting with seamless sparkle and brilliance!