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A Gem of an Auction That Could Fetch ₤20M

Pear Shaped Diamond, D color Flawless, 101.73 caratsA very rare stone with an almost flawless clarity and unparalleled color will be featured at Christie’s “Magnificent Jewels” auction in Geneva, Switzerland. The pear-shaped diamond has been identified by experts as “one of the most perfect diamonds in the world”. It weighs 101.73 carats and is expected to break the record sale of the Archduke Joseph Diamond the previous year (a 76-carat diamond which sold for $21.5 million).

Its expected final bid? Around $30 million (or £20 million/ 28 million Swiss Francs).

Perhaps what makes this particular diamond so significant is that it falls under Type II a. Someone from the diamond industry publication JCK Magazine describes it as “one for the books” because less than two per cent of the diamonds in the world make it to the Type II a category.

Originating from a De Beers-owned mine in Botswana, the stone was fashioned from a 236-carat rough diamond into its present pear shape. Christie’s representatives said that it is completely symmetrical, with a rare kind of brilliance.