Antique Milgrain Solitaire Ring in White Gold
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The Antique Milgrain Solitaire Ring in White Gold is a classic setting designed to showcase the solitaire diamond of your choice. Featuring antique details and milgrain edging, the sophisticated designs decorate the band while focusing on the center stone. The four-prong setting allows light to shine through the diamond, while the low-profile design protects the stone. Available in your choice of 14- or 18-karat white gold, this setting perfectly embraces a round cut diamond, but can be custom designed to feature any shape or size of stone you desire.

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The New Diamond Finder App from Brilliance
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The team at Brilliance is always pushing the envelope by incorporating new technology into better features and services for our customers. From 3D printed rings, to blinged out wearable tech, we’ve taken technology and made some useful, fun programs. Our newest adventure was not only a challenge to create, but it can be extremely useful for someone looking to save money when purchasing a diamond.

We’ve Done It Again – Introducing the Diamond Finder App:
With access to over 100,000 diamonds, your phone or tablet can become your personal in-pocket diamond store. Search by common characteristics like carat, shape or price. Are you a diamond connoisseur? Try searching by more advanced characteristics like depth, table or fluorescence. No matter how you search, you can find a diamond that fits any criteria and at our affordable prices.

Empowering Our Customers – The Retail Challenge:
We understand that shopping online can be daunting, especially when you are looking for something expensive like a diamond. To help our customers, we have many different programs (Lifetime Maintenance, Lifetime Upgrades and a 30 Day Return Policy) to try and ease their angst. For those of you that are on the fence, we have a challenge for you: Go to your local jewelry store and price out a few diamonds that you like. Then, take out your Diamond Finder app and find an identical diamond and see how much you save.

Simply put, we created this app as a tool to show our customers and potential customers how much you can save so that you Never Pay Retail Again.

Gotta have it? You can download the Diamond Finder on the Appstore and on Google Play for phones and android tablets. iPad version is in development now!

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Diamond Finder app 1

Diamond Finder app 2

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Hammered Rope Edging Men’s Wedding Ring in White Gold
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Perfect for the man looking for a wedding band with a unique style, this Hammered Finish Mens Wedding Band featuring rope edging combines a traditional high shine with eye-catching textures. A hammered finish covers the center of this band, enhancing the brilliant rope design lining the edges. Our Comfort-Fit style makes this band not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely comfortable for everyday wear. Available in either 14- or 18-karat white gold, this design will look fantastic on your husband’s hand.

Hammered Rope Edge Ring 1

Hammered Rope Edge Ring 2

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Bedazzling Your Furry Friend: A Look at the Pet Jewelry Industry
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Designer clothes, organic food, plush canopy beds, and the finest diamond necklaces money can buy, all sound like items found in the life of a Beverly Hills Socialite, right? True as that might be, all these products are crafted specifically for our furry, canine and feline companions. According to President and CEO of the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Bob Vetere, Americans spent a record $56-billion on their pets in 2013. While food and veterinary care accounted for about half the total, the “other” category (which includes clothing, jewelry, training, and pet travel) is actually growing the fastest–accounting for over $3-billion of the total amount spent on pets. Vetere says, “people are pampering their pets more than ever and manufacturers and businesses are offering new products, services and opportunities to meet their needs and wants from interactive and innovative toys to dog walking, doggy daycare and pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and airlines.”

How much is actually spent on pet jewelry? It’s not clear, but if your dog has a taste for only the finest things in life, you could spend over $3-million for a custom collar from I Love Dogs Diamonds’ “La Collection de Bijoux” line. Known as “the world’s most expensive dog collar,” the “Amour, Amour” features 1,600 diamonds totaling 56 carats. While this might weigh down your little pooch, rest assured the supple crocodile leather will be comfortable against her neck.

Not a multi-millionaire? Don’t worry, there are plenty of more affordable options if you still want to bling out your little buddy. Faux pearl necklaces adorned with a crystal-encrusted charm cost under $50, while a little rhinestone-studded leather collar runs about $30. Think these glamorous adornments are only for the ladies? Think again. Several companies specialize in creating a custom rhinestone name or design on a thicker leather collar for a more masculine look.

In today’s society, pets are part of the family. Even in tough economic times, the majority of pet owners admit to managing finances in order to be able to provide for their “four-legged children.” Not only do most pet parents ensure Benji or Mittens has enough food and treats, but they also set aside funds to be able to afford some cute outfits, new toys, or organic snacks. In fact, surveys show that over 80% of pet owners purchase gifts for their animals on special occasions.

If you want to treat your pooch to a one-of-a-kind collar, tiara, or necklace, talk to one of the talented and helpful members of the custom design team at to add some bling to your Bichon or some sparkle to your Sheltie.

Channel Diamond Eternity Ring in White Gold
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Thirty-two round cut, channel set diamonds encircle the White Gold Channel Diamond Eternity Ring , making it a piece of jewelry that epitomizes eternal love. This simple yet sparkling band is perfect to wear alone or to pair with your choice of engagement ring. Approximately 1 carat total diamond weight and available in either 14 or 18 karat white gold, this ring is a classic style that should be in everyone’s jewelry box.

Channel Diamond Eternity Band 1

Channel Diamond Eternity Band 2

Channel Diamond Eternity Band 3

Channel Diamond Eternity Band 4

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